computer for dummiesWhy be like this??
Trying to Learn the Computer?? 
When you can Watch only the Lessons you want and Learn at your own pace.

Learning the computer shouldn't
be Expensive or Frustrating.

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12 year Anniversary of the Original
 XP-98-ME-2000 -- Video Tutorial Disk

Computers for dummies XP

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Windows video tutorial cd. Over 5 hours of individual (105) lessons on one cd.

Each Lesson is it's own Video Tutorial.
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
103 Video Lessons.  All on One CD.
You can view them in any order.
CD comes with printed Table of Contents.

Windows 7 video tutorial cd.
Windows 7
  Video Tutorial CD.
 Over 5 hours of
   individual lessons.
 105 Lessons all on one CD.
  One thing at a time!!

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 Free Lessons:

..1. Action Center
  2. Gadgets
  3. 3D Flip

Best Windows 7 Instruction
CD comes with printed Table of Contents.


Fake AntiVirus and Scareware Removal CD
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Microsoft Office 2003 disk includes:

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Office contains: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, InfoPath & Publisher.

Learning windows
1. Don't feel confused learning your Computer.

2. Use this disk to catch up all by yourself.

3.  Computer training at it's easiest.

4.  Learn  just  2-3 ideas a day. Takes 15 min.

5.  Practice them after you Watch them.

Windows 7 video tutorial cd
No Unwanted Emails.
Nothing else to buy.
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 Over 22 years Experience...


Computer Wizardry

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Computer tutor

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